Mr. Herbert Hall


Mr. Christopher Williams


Christopher Williams is the Co-founder of PROVEN Investments Limited and President & C.E.O. of PROVEN Management Limited (Investment Managers for PIL). He has served on numerous boards, is a former Deputy Chairman of the Jamaica Stock Exchange and President of the Jamaica College Old Boys Association, and is the current Chairman of the Jamaica Association for the Deaf... read more

Dr. Iris Soutar

Executive Officer

Dr. Iris Soutar has been Executive Officer at the Jamaica Association for the Deaf (JAD) since September 1, 1989. Prior to that, she served as Teacher at Lister Mair/ Gilby High School for the Deaf from 1977 – 1983 and then as Principal from 1983 – 1989... read more

Rev. Percival Palmer


Mrs. Carrol Christian

Chairperson, JAD Hearing Services

Mrs. Valerie Facey

Chairperson, Danny Williams School

Mrs. Carole Fox

Chairperson, Lister Mair/Gilby School

Mrs. Miriam Smith

Board Member

Mr. Kamar Groves

Board Member

Mr. Donovan Johnson

Chairman, St. Christopher’s School for the Deaf

Mr. Neville Aiken

Deaf Community Representative

Mrs. Lisa Harrison

Chairperson, JAD Social Services

Mrs. Tamu Clayton

Staff Representative

Dr. Pauline Christie

Chairperson, Education Division

Mr. Aldo Brown

Chairman, May Pen Unit