This project aims to develop linguistically accessible materials for the Deaf and build the capacity of advocacy teams to sensitize key stakeholder groups, for engagement of the Deaf community.
AusAID Project

A Public Education Campaign on the CRPD for the Deaf





At a stakeholders meeting held with the Deaf Community on January 30th at YMCA, Kingston, the Training department shared the vision and objectives of the AusAID project and elicited volunteers for activity planning and implementation from this group.


An informational session was held with JAD School Administrators at the Schools Management Meeting on February 10th, where again the project was shared with School Administrators.  A request was made that they share information with teachers at their schools.  A second informational session was held at the Parents Programme Meeting with rural schools not in the JAD system.


The focus at this stage is now on identifying themes for material development that will assist with educating persons of their rights.




Planning and implementation meetings were held with stakeholders and the JAD on March 23 and April 9, 2010.  Despite some financial challenges, activities began with weekly ‘town-hall’ meetings at the YMCA, Kingston to discuss the rights of Deaf persons and advocacy for these rights.  The meetings began on Friday May 7 and ended on Friday June 25.


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While Jamaica actively participated in the development of the CRPD and was the first country to become a signatory to the convention.  However, implementation has been slow due to inadequate public education.  


The JAD in its role as a national organization providing services for persons who are deaf and hard of hearing recognizes the value to be gained from public education on the CRPD in advancing the agenda for effective integration and participation of Deaf persons in society.

However, advocacy by the Deaf community and families of children who are deaf or hard of hearing is still at a very low level and it is recognized that their full participation is critical for advancing the Deaf agenda.

We believe that a rights-based approach to responding to the needs of this special population will enable more significant improvement in their individual and collective development.

There is therefore an urgent need to empower critical partners for more effective and sustained advocacy for change.


Project Objectives:

  1. To create linguistically accessible resources for promoting the CRPD in the Deaf community.
  2. To create a Jamaican Sign Language (JSL) resource book to promote the acquisition and learning of the language to promote dialogue on the CRPD.
  3. To build the capacity of three teams of advocates for implementing sustainable sensitization on the CRPD.
  4. Conduct public education on the CRPD targeting deaf persons, families of children who are deaf or hard of hearing and service providers.


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