A fabulous new book has been published by the Hesperian Foundation, Berley, California, USA. "Helping Children Who Are Deaf" is an open source of activities aimed at assisiting families and communities promote the healthy development of children who are Deaf or who do not hear well.

Hearing aids give a wonderful assistance to the partially hearing today, allowing their lives to be both fuller and richer. Thus enabling these people to play an active part in many aspects of the modern world that they would otherwise be excluded from. But just how do they work? What goes on in your ear? Read all about it in today's fact lesson.

The International Deaf Children's Society (IDCS) has just launched its brand new website at - a global, online forum on all aspects of childhood deafness encouraging the exchange of information and ideas.

What do you think? Should Deaf persons in Jamaica be allowed to drive? Read our "Questions and Answers on Deaf Drivers" and voice your opinions in our user forum, "Deaf and Driving".

Efforts towards bilingual education of the Deaf received a boost over the past week with the visit of Dr. Laurene Gallimore, a Professor/ Director of the Deaf Education Programme at Gallaudet University , Washington D.C. During her one-week visit to Jamaica, Professor Gallimore conducted a four-day workshop at the UWI Mona - July 7-10. She shared a wealth of information on literacy development for the Deaf child in a bilingual environment with parents, the Deaf community, teachers and other professionals in the field of Deaf Education.

Dr. Laurene Gallimore of Gallaudet University will be presenting a public lecture / discussion on developing English literacy for Deaf students in a bilingual environment. The discussion will target parents and families of Deaf persons, educators and other professionals in the field of education, the Deaf community and persons working in the disability field. Click on the Full Article link below for more details.

A Language Workshop will be conducted July 7 -11 at the Interfaculty Lecture Theatre, Chemistry Department at UWI Mona . The workshop will explore issues & strategies related to developing literacy for Deaf students in a bilingual environment. You can register by calling Mr. Dunbar at 927-1098 or by completing the online form . Click the Full Article link below for more details.