Language Workshop At UWI

A Language Workshop will be conducted July 7 -11 at the Interfaculty Lecture Theatre, Chemistry Department at UWI Mona . The workshop will explore issues & strategies related to developing literacy for Deaf students in a bilingual environment. You can register by calling Mr. Dunbar at 927-1098 or by completing the online form . Click the Full Article link below for more details.


Interfaculty Lecture Theatre, 
Chemistry Department
UWI Mona


8:30 – 4:00 pm. Monday – Thursday
8:30 – 2:00 pm. Friday

Registration costs:

JAD Staff: Fully sponsored
Parents of Deaf Children: $2500
Other Interested Persons: $5000

Registration can be done by calling Mr. Dunbar at 927 1098 or by clicking here

Closing Date for Registration: June 30

Highlights of Workshop

Presenter: Dr. Laurene Gallimore – Professor, Gallaudet University

Day 1: “Whose Literacy is it?”
An exploration of issues related to developing literacy for Deaf students. Who has it? Who wants it? Who needs it? Who gets it? Who teaches it? How, and to whom? The positive and successful stories that diverse deaf children tell us of their education will be presented. 

Day 2-5: “The dynamics of Natural Sign Language within literacy instruction”
A discussion of current trends and research in the Education of Deaf/Hard of Hearing students and implications for teaching competencies from bilingual education perspectives. Participants will have an opportunity to discuss teaching strategies and ideas on how to improve NSL/English literacy.


All JAD Staff should confirm through their Principal or Teacher-In-Charge requests for accommodation.

All other persons are invited to make their own arrangements.